Cacao Pods

Why eat Chocolate?


There are many excuses given for needing to eat chocolate but surely making you happy is reason enough... and with Sweet Virtues you don't have to feel guilty about eating more of it.

Elaine Sherman, Book of Divine Indulgences
"Chocolate causes certain endocrine glands to secrete hormones that affect your feelings and behavior by making you happy. Therefore, it counteracts depression, in turn reducing the stress of depression. Your stress-free life helps you maintain a youthful disposition, both physically and mentally.
So, eat lots of chocolate!"



Launched on Ocado


Very excited to announce that we have launched with online supermarket Ocado!

Now you can make our chocolates part of your weekly shop  (without a separate trip out or additional delivery cost)...whether to treat yourself or gifts for friends and family.

Find our Halo Thins Gift Box and Trio Truffle Tasters in the Chocolate & Sweets section and Add to Trolley 


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Summer of Chocolate


Enjoy our Summer of Chocolate with FREE UK Delivery - use code SVDF20 on all orders over £20 on our online shop


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Messy Little Vegan Pancakes


This great breakfast, brunch, afternoon tea or pud recipe was shared with us by @messylittlevegan

200g flour
200ml soy milk
1 large ripe banana
2 tbsp coconut sugar
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
2-3 White Tea & Peppermint Chocolate Halo Thins by @sweetvirtuesuk .
Blend all ingredients in a blender or food processor. Using a nonstick pan over medium heat, pour the battery into small round pancakes. Stack and serve topped with another halo thin to melt deliciously.



WIN Mindful Living Show Tix


We have a pair of tickets up for grabs for the Mindful Living Show opening its doors on June 2nd & 3rd in London's Business Design Centre. To be in with a chance to winning sign up to both our Newsletters on our websites. If you are already signed up to one just sign up to the other. Comp ends May 10th. Good Luck.

Watch out for VOTCH


We recently found ourselves looking for a new watch and in doing so have fallen in love with VOTCH.

Votch is a new, vegan friendly watch brand. Stylish and classically designed timepieces that feature cruelty free, faux leather straps. Plus, for every Votch purchased, 10% of profits are donated to their charity of the season!

We have been talking with founder Laura so keep a look out for more new soon.

Visit VOTCH and see there new range here


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Vanilla Trouble


It has been troubling times in the Vanilla market. Bloomberg announced in March that following the worst tropical cyclone in 13 years to strike Madagascar as much as 30 percent of the crop had been damaged. But we have held out to make sure we still acquired the finest and can now happily say Baobab & Vanilla Chocolate Truffles are BACK IN STOCK.


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New Truffle Recipe


We've been working really hard to improve our truffle recipes to ensure the ganache is as soft and indulgent as it can be whilst our flavours sing to spread a smile across your lips.

We have also been taking your feedback on how you'd like to buy them. We've added TWO extra Truffles to our Gift Boxes so you can have those extra people round for dinner. AND we've created a Trio Taster selection box so that you dont have to guess which flavour you'll like the best you can try all three.
The new chocs will be rolling out with retailers and are available online now. Enjoy here.



Sweet Virtues are supporting UNICEF UK: East Africa Famine Appeal
Right now, across East Africa, drought, war and lack of food mean millions of children and their families are facing starvation. More than 880,000 children are severely malnourished and desperately need immediate life-saving food. Unicef are working with teams on the ground, providing vulnerable children in even the most remote areas with the life-saving food and clean water they desperately need.
Sweet Virtues are donating £1 to Unicef UK for every gift box* of chocolates purchased from
For more information on Unicef or to also donate directly please click here

*Gift Box is a Sweet Virtues 120g Superfood Chocolate Truffle or 165g Halo Thins Box bought from



See you at NOPE


Introducing the Trio Truffle Taster pack and the Halo Thins snack pouch meet us at NOPE (Natural & Organic Product Europe) to sample darn good chocolate. As well as retail opportunities, we are looking for innovative collaborations in chocolate and natural ingredients so come over to talk chocolate alchemy on Stand R37


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Three Cheers for Chia!


Three cheers for Chia.
Much like chocolate the chia seed was also a favourite of the Aztecs and has very much come back in to western consciousness in the last decade. Available in our Chia Seeds & Lime Truffles, if you aren’t already a convert here is a few reasons why you should get sprinkling….

1 - Slow Burner, the stored energy released from chia seeds slows down digestion and prevents blood sugar spikes so you feel fuller longer.

2 - Fibre & Protein Provider in 28g (serving) of chia seeds contains 11g of dietary fibre (third of RDI) and 4.4g of protein (10% of RDI).

3 - Brain Food, packed with Omega-3 fatty acids there is nearly 5g in a serving and which also converts efficiently into the plasma – great for keeping your brain healthy.

4 - Bone ‘a’ fide with 18% of the RDI for calcium it puts you well on your way to maintaining bone and oral health, and preventing osteoporosis.

5 - Team Player with 30% of RDI for Manganese which is a catalyst to optimising other essential nutrients… as well as being good for your bones.

With such a HUGE nutritional profile these seeds just get even better as they don’t have any fiddly processes in order to access their powers. Unlike other seeds they do not need to be milled before consumption to release their health benefits. AND as they don’t carry a flavour you can pretty much add into or sprinkle on top of anything you are having whether sweet or savoury.

Top Tip – Invest in the good stuff. Avoid the red seeds (immature) and small black seeds (weed seeds) and go for either green, dark brown or full black.

Karen Thomas designs


For Karen, at Iris & Bee, nature inspires everything she does. Having grown up in Barbados surrounded by bold and bright colours she has brought her love of the outside to our shores. Offering personalise prints, bouquet & floral commissions and painting workshops she is one busy lady, so we are pleased she found the time to collaborate with us to offer the perfect personal gift. A print with your chosen initial and a box of Sweet Virtues Chocolate Halo Thins. Prints available in 'Wild Flowers' or 'Night Garden'

Order from our shop here.



Try a Twisted Halo


Twisted Halo is about embracing your naughty(ish) side. Coconut water and ginger muddled with premium vodka with a twist of is the new, and greatly improved, 'skinny bitch' drink that ticks all the boxes but still tastes delicious. 100% naturally flavoured and free of added sugar or sweeteners you wont be asking for a Vodka, lime and soda ever again.

Sweet Virtues have joined Twisted Halo in their pop up at 121 Sydney Street in Chelsea for a week of shopping and events from  MeMe London, Brow Bardou, Squirrel Sisters, Charlotte Posner Art and Studio - the label and many more.

Pop by - 121 Sydney Street , SW3 6NR from 27th Feb until 4th March



Are you Sugar Aware?


Our products may be cane & refined sugar free  -  sweetened only with coconut nectar  - but it is not easy to find off the shelf sugar free foods that still taste great. So why should we bother? Well not only does refined sugar have no nutritional value but it is widely accepted that it is linked to diabetes and obesity. But  were you aware that it is also linked to depression, fatigue, nervous tension and violent behaviour... and is as addictive as cocaine!

In support of #NationalObesityAwarenessWeek here are our Top Tips to cutting down on sugar - apart from eating Sweet Virtues of course!

1. Substitute with healthier natural alternatives such as coconut blossom nectar or coconut sugar, xylitol or carob nectar
2. Avoid substituting with artificial sweeteners such as nutrasweet
3. Check the labels for sugars on all products you buy... you'll be surpised where you'll find it (tin tomatoes!!)  
4. And we know bah humbug right but there is a huge amount of sugar in alcohol. A pint of cider contains as much sugar as the World Health Organisation RDA! Gin & Tonic is half toast the new year in with unflavoured Vodka then!

Why we love these flavours!


Discs of chocolate infused with unique flavours

White Tea and Peppermint <Revive>

White tea is a refined and smoother version of Green Tea which the Japanese emperors used to choose. Detoxifying and purifying, we mix it with peppermint oils which both refresh the palate and may help to regenerate cells throughout the body... could it be the new after dinner mint?

Yerba Mate and Lemon <Energise>

A plant found in South America, yerba mate is said to offer a feeling of euphoria often associated with chocolate. It provides a gentle boost of energy and may help you feel alert. In fact, Yerba mate is so loaded with nutrients it contains practically everything needed to sustain life. Paired with lemon, this is a most unique delight. So tasty it's been honoured with a Great Taste Award!

Maqui Berry <Detox/Purify>

A firm favourite here at SV and the highest rated anti-oxidant food on the planet, maqui berries are exceptionally hard to harvest so all the more precious! A good thing we go direct to the farmer then!

Himalyan Pink Salt <Balance>

Containing all of the 84 elements in our body and a wide nutritional profile, Himalayan Pink Salt can potentially have so many positive effects on our body from balancing PH to increasing hydration. Also supporting blood sugar levels, we chose to partner with our smooth dark chocolate to give a wonderful contrast where the effects benefit both body and mind and treat our sensations to something incredibly special.



London Short Film Festival 2017


Indulging all your senses we are supporting London Short Film Festival 2017.

Renowned for daring cross-arts programming, the LSFF showcase the very best of the country’s raw talent for 13 years. The London Short Film Festival is a Mecca for the UK’s young creative talent and a significant date in the UK film calender.

Head over to Twitter to enter our competition to win a pair of tickets to their Opening Night! And a Halo Thins Gift Box.


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As Seen in Vogue


It is always a warm fuzzy feeling to see your products appear in the glossy pages of a magazine and none so special, for us, as British Vogue.  When they asked would we like to be part of their healthy food pages we jumped at the chance so for the next three issues see Sweet Virtues being featured in Naturally Vogue in British Vogue.



Sweet Virtues Secures Series A Funding to Accelerate Growth


This is a Press Release regarding Sweet Virtues

25 October, 2016 - Sweet Virtues Limited, a UK-based company known for producing a range of organic superfood chocolate products, has secured a Series A funding of undisclosed amount. The round was led by Stanhill Capital Partners.

Ed Whinney, the CEO of Sweet Virtues, added: "We welcome our new investment and look forward with confidence to the next phase of our growth and development as a leading innovator in the health and luxury consumer markets"

About Sweet Virtues
Sweet Virtues is forward-thinking, health-food business, synonymous with luxury, nourishment and great taste. It is a first-mover on a range of organically grown, superfood chocolates, nutrient-dense with vitamins and minerals – all ingredients ethically sourced and lab-tested to verify their nutritional profile. Sweet Virtues' goal is to expand its business to being the producer of a range of healthy consumer products; ultimately to become an international superfoods brand. For more information on Sweet Virtues please visit


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Award Winning Yerba Mate & Lemon


Seems like our Yerba Mate & Lemon Halo Thins hit the spot with the GT judges as they were awarded the coveted Gold Star at the 2016 Great Taste Awards.
Yerba Mate [pronounced yer-bah ma-tey] is from southern Brazil and northern Argentina.
The infusion made from its leaves is energising, with a deliciously grassy, slightly smoky flavour which blends beautifully with lemon.
We source our Yerba Mate from our friends at Yuyo Drinks and we have just refreshed our Thins stock for you to buy!

Click here to buy now!

How exercise and diet helped me overcome PCOS


Guest Blogger Charlotte Louise shares her story of overcoming PCOS - Insta @charlottelouise.bbg

I was diagnosed with Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) when I was 19, after gaining approximately 2 stone since my 18th birthday. My periods had stopped, hence why I saw my GP. I had an internal ultrasound and blood test to confirm my diagnosis.

PCOS is a fairly common condition that affects how a woman's ovaries work. Signs and symptoms of PCOS can include irregular periods, fertility difficulties, hirsutism (excessive hair growth), weight gain, thinning hair and oily skin/acne. The causes of PCOS are unknown, however, it is associated to hormone imbalances and abnormal insulin levels. Being overweight increases the amount of insulin you produce, and 8/10 women diagnosed with PCOS are overweight. These higher levels of insulin can make weight loss feel more difficult. There is no known cure. ( .

My symptoms included acne, hirsutism, insulin resistance, feeling lethargic and weight gain despite not having a particularly high calorie surplus (slow metabolism). I went onto a combined pill, Dianette, which tackled the acne and hirsutism. (I'm no longer on it*). From 19-22 I dabbled with fad diets, gym memberships, running etc. But nothing stuck!

In summer 2015 I went on holiday with two friends who are naturally very slim, and I felt so self conscious. I was about 86kgs, size 14-16 and very unhappy with my body. My PCOS diagnosis hung over me very heavily, and I hated the symptoms I experienced. I was, and still am, in a very happy relationship, and my other half plays rugby and has been weight training for 10+ years so is very knowledgeable. I asked him to train me.

Through weight training (4x weekly) and dancing (2x weekly), and trying to make healthier choices with food (no diets), I lost 18kg in just under a year. I got down to a healthy BMI, and noticed my PCOS symptoms were non-existent. I saw a gynaecologist for a second internal ultrasound and they told me that my ovaries were no longer polycystic! Also, I'm no longer insulin resistant and my glycogen levels have returned to normal (I was high risk for developing diabetes, I'm now in the lowest category).

Now that I've lost the weight I'm trying to improve my overall health. I'm continuing to weight train and dance, but I'm also counting Macros, looking into more HIIT and cardio and restarting the BBG guides! The best cardio for me has been LISS, which is low intensity steady state cardio such as walking. I go for at least one long walk a day.

Although I now no longer experience the symptoms of PCOS, and my ovaries are not currently polycystic, I am not 'cured': there is no known cure and I will continue to lead a healthy lifestyle (by seeking out companies like Sweet Virtues!) to continue to manage my symptoms.

Follow and find out more on Instagram @charlottelouise.bbg